How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X – Uninstall Guide

A few days ago, I had a problem with iTunes on my Mac. iTunes didn’t recognize my iPhone and my iPad either. I was really tried of different things but finally I did not succeed ;( The last option I read about in Google, told that I had to re-install iTunes on my Mac OS.

Note: Hey guys, if you really don’t have time to go through this whole post and just want to uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X in the best and safest way, go and Download CleanMyMac 3 the best Mac Uninstaller ever, then move forward to the last section of this post called “How to uninstall iTunes on Mac OS using CleanMyMac 3”, follow few easy steps and you are done.

For those who stay with me I had a question: how should I re install iTunes correctly? I think that first of all, I need to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X and only then install it again from scratch. Make sense? I think, yes. As you and me already now, there is a big difference between “uninstalling” and “removing” apps.Now we need to uninstall, because removing process don’t really remove related and extra files from your system (system logs, cache files, file settings, some of app libraries and many more).

I don’t know in which of those I have a problem and what file exactly I need to remove to fix my iTunes, so the best solution as I have written before is to uninstall iTunes from Mac completely with all related files, then Download latest version of iTunes from the App Store and install it again.


How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X Manually

Manual uninstalling it’s not really a good idea, because if you try to move iTunes to your Trash you will get an alert message like on the screenshot below: Alert massage iTunes

And even if you remove file from your Application folder it’s not guarantee that you had removed all related files. So my advice is not to spent time on manual iTunes uninstalling and begin with safest way by using Mac Uninstaller called CleanMyMac 3. Continue reading to know How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X using Mac Uninstaller CleanMyMac 3.


How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X using CleanMyMac 3

Let’s begin our uninstallation guide. Uninstalling iTunes on Mac OS is really a hard thing, coz it’s a default Mac OS application and it has tons of related with it files in your system, but with CleanMyMac 3 it will be easy to do.

NOTE: Using this method you will lose all our data about your playlist and other iTunes settings.

CleanMyMac 3 has a stop list with apps which you can’t find when you arevusing “Uninstaller” tab  from the left side menu, so the instruction will be a little different this time. Follow this easy steps to uninstall ITunes on Mac OS X completely:

(NOTE: iTunes is the default app in Mac OS, and if you follow the instruction below we don’t take the responsibilities if something goes wrong with your Mac Operation System or related to iTunes applications.):

1.) Download CleanMyMac 3 if you don`t have it yet (read about CleanMyMac 3 Features).

  1. After the download is complete, double-click on the installation file.
  2. Follow the steps to complete the installation.

2.) Open CleanMyMac 3 by double-clicking on it, then open your Application folder.Open CleanMyMac 3 Welcome Screen

3.) Locate iTunes icon there, drag and hover it on CleanMyMac 3 window, you will see there some kind of highlight of “Uninstaller” tab, drag iTunes icon on it and drop.

Uninstaller Tab

4.) You will get a message that iTunes is on stop-list, for continue click “Select” button.

5.) Now you see selected iTunes app with all related files which will be uninstalled with it.  

6.) Click “Uninstall” button in the very bottom (there can be some alert messages, click “Continue” button, also CleanMyMac 3 may ask your password to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X)  and wait a few seconds while it will be uninstalling from your Mac completely.

For your better understanding I made short video to show you all the process:

Done! You had uninstalled iTunes on Mac OS X completely, now you need to download a new version of iTunes and install it through your Mac App Store , after that the process of re-installing iTunes on your Mac will be completed.

I advise you to read about all CleanMyMac 3 Features, like auto clean, removing of large or old files from your system, working with image gallery and other useful options.

Now you know How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X in several ways!

Thx for reading our blog and Good luck 🙂

January 13, 2015 by Mark Walker Download CleanMyMac 3 Right Now!
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