How to Uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X – Uninstall Guide

The article you are reading now will help you to make your Mac run faster and stay clean from unnecessary data, especially if you want to uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X. The reasons why you want to do this may be various, but in any case if your aim is to get rid of the application, this How to uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X guide is for you.

Don’t have enough time to read it till the end? In this case, we just recommend to download CleanMyMac 3 (Free for Download) and follow its easy instructions in the last section of this post. This application is an ideal way to uninstall everything you want fast and right. If you’d like to read more about it, or uninstall Logmein on Mac manually without any additional applications, read on.

It is true that lots of apps usually just waste space on your Mac, since you don’t use them in your everyday life. What do you usually do in such cases? Right, you remove unnecessary applications. Unfortunately, the way you do this may not be proper. What is the problem, and how to uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X correctly? We’ll answer all of your questions!

First, we’ll explain the difference between “uninstalling” and “removal”. These are two different things with different effects. When you remove Logmein from Mac you delete the app and think that it’s all. Well, it’s not all, because there are several extra files that were installed with the application. Even if you’ve removed the application, these leftovers remain. If you have no any reasons for them to continue wasting your space, and still want to remove Logmein from Mac OS X do the following:

  • Try to locate Logmein app in your apps folder, of that choose Finder and at the top menu use “Go” –> “Applications”  .
  • Then just move Logmein from “Applications” folder to the Trash bin on your Mac Dock.
  • Empty the Trash.

If you understand everything right, you should agree that these actions are not effective. Forget about them. You don’t uninstall an application completely, but there are two possible way to improve the situation and to uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X completely.


How to Uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X Manually

Now we will look how to uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X Manually. One of the peculiarities of any application is that it consists of many files that make it work. The standard removal procedure does not remove them from your Mac OS X. The main problem about the leftovers, we are talking about, is that they are situated in more than one folder. They are likely to be saved in several folders, and now your task is to find all of them. First, check these ones:

  • Open your Finder, then choose “Go” from the top menu bar, press and hold “alt” to see hide folder called “Library”, click on it with. There you will find two folders called “Preferences” and “Application Support” now your task is to remove all files which is containing “Logmein” text in their name.

In order to uninstall Logmein on your Mac OS X completely, hunt around them and get rid of every file, associated with the application. This way takes more time than the second way we’ll suggest. Moreover, it is not suitable for people, who are not sure what files belong to the app. We want to make the process of uninstalling as easier as possible for you. That is why we will go on with the information about awesome Mac Uninstaller called CleanMyMac 3 and will learn How to Uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X correctly!


How to Uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X with CleanMyMac 3

CleanMyMac 3 is an application that definitely will become your favorite. If you don’t want to struggle from the manual uninstalling of applications and now want to uninstall Logmain on Mac OS X, download CleanMyMac 3 first and follow these easy steps:

Step 1. After installation start CleanMyMac 3 app (you can find it in you Application folder).

Open CleanMyMac 3 Welcome Screen

Step 2. Find the left menu bar and select “Uninstaller” then click on “View All Applications” button on the right side to get all apps which you have on your Mac OS X.

Uninstaller Tab

Step 3. Then find Logmein app and set checked on it. You will see all selected related files on the right side which will be remove too.

Step 4. Click on “Uninstall” button at the centre bottom to uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X completely.

It’s done! Now you know how to uninstall Logmein on Mac OS X. CleanMyMac 3 uninstalls every app you don’t use in few seconds. Besides, it removes large or old files, helps to remove system logs, caches, and system junk. As a result your Mac works faster and looks cleaner, making you happier every moment you work at the computer.

CleanMyMac 3 saves time and does everything in the best way. Among other advantages are beautiful design and easy interface. Why are you still thinking?

April 22, 2015 by Mark Walker Download CleanMyMac 3 Right Now!
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